Let's start!

Hey there, dear reader!


I’m Helga Stock, a cinematographer, working as camera operator and director of photography on all sorts of projects. I’ve been making films since 1998, on anything from 35 and 16mm to S-VHS, digital camcorders or DSLRS, to cinema cameras, both low-budget and very high-end. A lot of the work I have done along the way has been ambitious, yet very limited in terms of budget. It’s exciting to see technology develop in ways that enable aspiring filmmakers to get some beautiful results without breaking the bank.


I’ve tried and tested a whole lot of equipment & ideas, made quite a few mistakes in the process and learned a great deal from it. I’m also constantly on the lookout for new things to learn. My aim is not only to make great films, but also pass on whatever I know to whomever it may be useful to. To do this, I’ve teamed up with my friend and colleague Yigit at buyslider.com to create a blog that features some of the great sliders and gadgets he has selected for his growing e-shop. Beyond that, we want to talk cinematography. More specifically camera movement. Add to that some neat tricks, updates on what’s new on the market, and hopefully we’ll soon be a valuable resource to your filmmaking!