Why buy from buySlider?

buySlider may be new to the market, but we are not new to the business of providing great products and services to satisfied customers throughout Europe.


The buySlider team is headed up by my colleague and co-founder Yigit, who previously gained substantial experience as exclusive distributor and pre-/post-stales service provider for edelkrone products in Europe. I’ll be introducing you to the team in more detail in the next posts, so stay tuned.


Suffice to say, we are all involved in filmmaking, videography or photography, and passionate about bringing the best possible service to our peers! Here’s what to expect when you purchase from Buyslider.com:


Fast, free shipping: We are conveniently located in the heart of Europe and pride ourselves on reliable, free*, same-day shipping within the European Union (free shipping applies to all orders within the EU valued at €99.99 or above). Our shipments go straight from us to you, without delay or the hassle of customs duties on products manufactured outside Europe.


Great, friendly service before and after your purchase: You can reach our dedicated team during and well beyond office hours. We also have our smartphones with us on evenings and weekends to make sure your questions aren’t going unanswered.


Expertise and experience: Our product range is deliberately select, because we believe in quality over quantity, and only sell equipment we have tested and believe to be the best. Primary checks and repairs on any purchase you send in as faulty are done directly by us, and free, if covered by warranty or protection plan. We want to get your gear back to you ASAP, and will only send equipment to manufacturers if repairing it is beyond our scope.


We look forward to helping make your filmmaking visions a reality!