The Importance of Inspiration!

Whether you are into documentaries, commercials, music videos or fiction film, everyone gleans inspiration from somewhere! Where do you find yours?


This week, I’d like to offer you an idea. Camerimage Film Festival in the little town of Bydgosz, Poland, is coming up in just under two weeks and is an absolute gem of an event for aspiring cinematographers. It is specifically a cinematography festival, and the many screenings which range from student showcases to international blockbusters, are accompanied by a great selection of workshops, podium discussions and other learning opportunities.

The upper floor of the main festival building always features a host of companies exhibiting their newest products and technical developments. While equipment by ARRI or Freefly may be well above your budget range, it can be great to see what new developments are happening in pro equipment right now, to then think about how you can get as close as possible with your budget setup. Because manufacturers like Syrp, Konova or Rhino from your market segment will be sure to pick up on trends and work on something for the DSLR equipment range. So it is a great space to watch!

 the importance of inspiration  the importance of inspiration

Aside from the screening programme, workshops and events and the equipment you can discover, there are two fantastic reasons that make me absolutely love this festival: The inspiring cinematographers who screen and teach there, and the visitors - like you and I - who go there. Because you will very often get a chance to ask some of your all-time favorite DPs questions, either in a workshop setting or even over a beer at one of the festival parties. And because, every time I have been to this festival, the community of fellow cinematographers and filmmakers I have met has grown, in a way that was not forced, but natural, and allowed for contacts and even collaborations with talented, like-minded people.


So, if you’re stuck, need inspiration, or just want to go out and learn something and meet a few interesting people, go check it out! And when you return home and are burning to put your new ideas into practice, let us know if we can help. We don’t sell only camera sliders and accessories, but also have a lot of advice if you are not sure what might best suit your needs!