buySlider Protection Plan doubles the duration of the standard warranty period to 4 years! This provides you with peace of mind knowing that your product will be covered twice as long.


Standard (14 days) money back guarantee period is extended to 30 days. You will have much more time to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your recent purchase.


With this plan, you can send your products to us for cleaning and maintenance free of charge. We will make sure that your products are in fully working condition so that you are getting the most out of them.


Included is the free replacement or repair of accidentally damaged products. If you were to ever damage your products by mistake, we would be happy to get them working as soon as possible.

Comparison of Protection Plan

  Standard warranty Protection Plan
Warranty duration 2 years 4 years
Money-back guarantee duration 14 days 30 days
Free cleaning and calibration of your products*
Free repairs of accidentally damaged products by customer misuse**

Please see the Shipping, Returns & Repairs for Terms and Conditions of the Protection Plan.