Rhino Basic Slider Bundle

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Rhino Basic Slider Bundle

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Rhino Basic Slider Bundle

This is the perfect bundle for minimalist filmmaker. No batteries or electronics to rely on. Just simple, smooth, cinematic filming.

Rhino Basic Slider Bundle

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Rhino Slider Carbon 24" 

(Newest Generation)

Lightweight and Silky Smooth Camera Slider 
Designed in Seattle / USA

Rhino Slider Carbon
Tripod Quick Mount System lets you mount your slider to a tripod without spinning it around
- Interchangeable rails let you swap between any of Rhino’s 4 rail options
- Ultra-rigid carbon fiber rails
- Outfit it with either Rhino Flywheel or Rhino Arc II & Rhino Motor
- All-terrain legs let you level your slider on any terrain
- Integrated carriage brake securely locks your carriage at any point on the slider
- ¼-20 and ⅜-16 Tripod threads on end plates and center plate (end plate threads are not accessible if Rhino Motor is mounted)

Production Value

A camera slider is one of the first tools most filmmakers purchase when looking to add "production value" to their films. The stable sliding movement directs your audience's eyes is a very intentional way that adds to your story.

Rhino Slider Carbon

Interchangeable Rails

Rhino Slider is built on the patented Modular Rail platform. This allows you to swap rails in minutes when you need a different length of camera slider or need more load capacity.

All-terrain Legs

Versatility comes standard on Rhino Slider. This includes flush-folding all-terrain legs. They're spring loaded for easy deployment and the self-leveling grip to any surface. Using the legs allows you to get a stable low angled shot that's not normally possible without a tripod.

The Finest Materials

Rhino Slider is built with only the finest, most reliable materials. All of the core components are machined out of solid billet aluminum. They're bead blasted to deburr any hard edges which creates a lustrous satin finish. Next, they're anodized which protects the raw material from oxidizing and creates a hard surface to resist wear and the elements.

All of our rails are precision ground to a tolerance smaller than a human hair. This extreme attention to detail ensures your camera slider will be buttery smooth every time you use it.

Rhino Slider Carbon

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Rhino Flywheel

Insanely smooth motion without a motor

Rhino Flywheel

Insanely Smooth Motion

Rhino Flywheel is a 1lb spinning weight that uses inertia to dampen the movement of your carriage. The result is an extremely smooth hand-pushed move.
Rhino Flywheel

Easy to use

Get the perfect slide on the first take. Start pushing the camera slider and the momentum of the system will carry it down the track.

Simplicity at its best

When simplicity trumps technology, Rhino Flywheel is perfect. There's no battery to charge or electronics to think about. Just push your camera slider and craft your story.

Easy to Mount

Rhino Flywheel installs in seconds with a single tool-less fastener. It is compact enough to remain installed on your camera slider in its carrying case.

Rhino Carrying Case

Protect & transport your camera slider fully assembled.

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case

Better Workflow

Rhino Armor is designed to protect and transport your camera slider completely assembled even with Rhino Motion and Rhino Arc attached. This results in a simpler, more efficient workflow when shooting.


Due to the collapsible pop-top, Rhino Slider EVO can fit with Motion and Arc attached even with a ball-head installed. It's designed to accommodate up to a 501HD head if you don't have Arc mounted. The case is padded with high density 3/8" EPS foam covered with an ultra durable ballistic nylon shell. The beefy straps securely hold your camera slider with a snug fit.

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case

Tripod Straps

Rhino Armor comes equipped with two adjustable straps, making it easy to securely carry your tripod and slider all in one bag.

Pack Up in Seconds

After a long day of shooting, you shouldn't have to waste time disassembling and packing up you camera slider. Rhino Armor allows you to pack up your camera slider in just a few seconds.

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case


Rhino Amor is equipped with a functional mesh pocket on top for cable organization and Motion Controller. The blue zipper lining is zip sealed to protect the slider from water damage and harsh weather.

What's in?

Rhino Slider Carbon 24"
Rhino Flywheel
Rhino Carrying Case 24"

Rhino Slider Carbon 24" 
Weight1.8kg / 4lbs
Load Capacity6.8kg / 15lbs
Rail MaterialCarbon Fibre

Rhino Flywheel
MaterialPowder-coated steel
Dimensions (Diam. x H) 4 x 1.5" (10.2 x 3.8 cm)
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By on  16 June 2021 (Rhino Basic Slider Bundle) :

I'm very happy with everything from RHINO Sliders

I'm very happy with everything from RHINO Sliders. Easy to use and very strong and stable. Love it!!!