Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle

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  • Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle
  • Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle
  • Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle
  • Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle
Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle

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Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle

For the run and gun filmmaker

Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle

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Rhino Slider EVO Carbon

Lightweight and Silky Smooth Camera Slider 
Designed in Seattle / USA

Rhino Slider Evo Carbon

Production Value

A camera slider is one of the first tools most filmmakers purchase when looking to add "production value" to their films. The stable sliding movement directs your audience's eyes is a very intentional way that adds to your story.

One Integrated System

The Rhino System is for the modern filmmakers who shoots many different types of films. The Motion Control accessories and rail are all interchangeable to form over 16 possible configurations, each with a very specific intended purpose. Each one of these configurations can be modified in just a few minutes to serve a new purpose. The Carrying Cases even hold every single variation completely assembled so you can be ready to shoot at any time.

Rhino Slider EVO Carbon

All-terrain Legs

Versatility comes standard on Rhino Slider EVO. This includes flush-folding all-terrain legs. They're spring loaded for easy deployment and the self-leveling grip to any surface. Using the legs allows you to get a stable low angled shot that's not normally possible without a tripod.

Rhino Slider EVO Carbon

Interchangeable Rails

Rhino Slider EVO is built on the patented Modular Rail platform. This allows you to swap rails in minutes when you need a different length of camera slider or need more load capacity.

The Finest Materials

Rhino Slider EVO is built with only the finest, most reliable materials. All of the core components are machined out of solid billet aluminum. They're bead blasted to deburr any hard edges which creates a lustrous satin finish. Next, they're anodized which protects the raw material from oxidizing and creates a hard surface to resist wear and the elements.

All of our rails are precision ground to a tolerance smaller than a human hair. This extreme attention to detail ensures your camera slider will be buttery smooth every time you use it.

Rhino Slider EVO Carbon

Rhino Motion

Install and setup in seconds. Upgrade your camera slider with simple, motorized control at any time.

Rhino Motion

Ultra Silent & Easy to use Motion Control

Rhino Motion

Hand-pushing is dead

For most productions, pushing a camera slider with your hand won't cut it anymore. Rhino Motion allows you to get perfectly smooth, ramped shots every time.

The best way to move

Rhino created a super intuitive way to control the movement of your camera slider. We call it The Wheel. Simply turn it and your slider moves. The farther you turn it the faster it goes. It's that simple. And it's insanely smooth.

Rhino Motion

Ultra-Quiet Motor

Rhino Motion is powered by an ultra-quiet precision motor. The motor is controlled by advanced algorithms that dynamically manage power consumption to both reduce noise and improve battery life. This allowed us to create a motor that has enough torque to lift a 5lb camera at 20 degrees while still being silent to not ruin your audio track.

Rhino Motion

Built-in 8hr battery

Let's face it, swapping batteries during a shoot sucks. We didn't want to create another piece of gear you have to worry about so we built in a high capacity li-po battery that lasts all day and recharges in a few hours.

Rhino Motion

Rhino Motion

Magnetic Dock

Rhino Motion has powerful neodymium magnets built into the back wall that allow you to dock it to the motor. When you're done programming your shot or moving to a new location, simply snap the controller on and you're instantly hands-free.

Rhino Motion

Rhino Carrying Case

Protect & transport your camera slider fully assembled.

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case

Better Workflow

Rhino Armor is designed to protect and transport your camera slider completely assembled even with Rhino Motion and Rhino Arc attached. This results in a simpler, more efficient workflow when shooting.


Due to the collapsible pop-top, Rhino Slider EVO can fit with Motion and Arc attached even with a ball-head installed. It's designed to accommodate up to a 501HD head if you don't have Arc mounted. The case is padded with high density 3/8" EPS foam covered with an ultra durable ballistic nylon shell. The beefy straps securely hold your camera slider with a snug fit.

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case

Tripod Straps

Rhino Armor comes equipped with two adjustable straps, making it easy to securely carry your tripod and slider all in one bag.

Pack Up in Seconds

After a long day of shooting, you shouldn't have to waste time disassembling and packing up you camera slider. Rhino Armor allows you to pack up your camera slider in just a few seconds.

Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case


Rhino Amor is equipped with a functional mesh pocket on top for cable organization and Motion Controller. The blue zipper lining is zip sealed to protect the slider from water damage and harsh weather.

What's in it?
Rhino Slider EVO Carbon 24"
Rhino Motion
24" Carrying Case

Rhino Slider EVO CARBON 24" 
Weight1.8kg / 4lbs
Load Capacity6.8kg / 15lbs
Rail MaterialCarbon Fiber

Rhino Motion
Weight 1 kg / 2lbs 3oz
Load Capacity4,5kg / 10lbs
Range of Motion11kg / 25lbs horizontal, 1,3kg / 3lbs at 20 degrees
BatteryBuilt in rechargeable. 7 hours

 Customer ratings and reviews 
 (4,8/5)  - 5 ratings - 5 reviews
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By on  09 Dec. 2018 (Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle) :


Excellent product with superb quality

By on  18 Jan. 2018 (Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle) :

Great and solid setup

Slider - 5 star - the best slider I've ever used. Before I had Syrp and it's not in the same league. Use it with flywheel
Bag - 5 star - very solid and useful
Rhino Motion - 3 star - it's nice but have some strange issues - very difficult to unplug cable from motor. If you use only Rhino Motion without Arc setup with 2 cables is very inconvenient. You don't have any information when your battery charging is finished.

By on  12 Aug. 2017 (Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle) :

Absolutely worth it

I was not sure before buying if it was worth the money. In the end I am glad that I got this bundle. The quality of the footage and the product itself is outstanding.

By on  19 July 2017 (Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle) :

Perfect for travel

I travel a lot and with this kit it is so easy. Great bag where you can fit head and motion so its always ready to roll.

By on  03 July 2017 (Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle) :

Essentials bundle

I use this setup for time lapse and I love how portable this setup is. However in advanced time lapse menu there is no option to change direction of the slide. I'm sure rhino could fix this with firmware update. I hope they will do it soon.