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Aputure did it again, here is the LS C300D Mark II

The LED technology jumped into the filmmaking world not a long time ago. One of the best brands (if not the best) Aputure has been coming up with the revisions of their all the vogue lighting products. During NAB 2019, Aputure announced the new C300D Mark II with significant improvements. We were expecting this new version of the C300D as they released the C120D Mark II precisely one year ago in NAB 2018.
After Aputure released the original C300D in 2017, the community was amazed by the quality and the price/performance ratio. However, the users kept coming up with feedbacks, which were not ignored. We love the way Aputure listens to the community and do their best to keep their product development empowered by the user feedbacks. Therefore, once again, Aputure did not disappoint us with this release because the Aputure C300D Mark II was built upon all the feedback they got from you.
C300D II is 20 Percent brighter than the previous version. It also features a brand new hyper-efficient 55-degree reflector which allows outputting up to 45.000 LUX at one meter which is about the luminance of a 575 watt HMI with CRI and TLC I ratings of 97.
The yoke has been redesigned from scratch allowing 360-degree rotation of the light and utilizes a handbrake locking system. This fantastic improvement will enable us to mount the light in any position with any modifier.
The new control box of the Aputure C300D Mark II is a real game-changer. This improvement is probably the most prominent part of this new version. The fanless heatsink technology allows us to have peace of mind when recording sound because this time, the room will be completely silent.  Aluminum alloy construction, a new concealed antenna, and a military-grade strap make this control box a "bulletproof" setup in any film set.
The C300D Mark II comes with a new accessory called "lighting clamp". We haven't seen them including such an attachment with their previous releases.  The lighting clamp allows us to firmly secure the control box on any stand or speed rail.
For the first time, an Aputure light lets us attach two high-capacity V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries at the same time for maximum output and extended use. However, their new technology also allows us to power the light with a single battery at up to half-power.
With the C300D II, your cable arrangement will also be more comfortable. A six-meter long Neutrik cable provides a locking power connection, and now by utilizing a standard male-to-female 5-pin XLR, you can replace the head cable easily.
One of the killer features of this fantastic LED light is the built-in effects. The control box features eight built-in effects such as strobe, lightning, TV, and explosion. We are sure more will be coming with future updates.
The new wireless antenna unleashes a great deal of potential. With the Sidus Link Mobile Application, for the first time, you are allowed to have control of the C300D Mark II from any smartphone or tablet. Now you can create groups, trigger effects, and operate them from 400 meters away by linking multiple lights together. 
The newly designed carry case is also a nice touch to this fantastic product release. Aputure made the carrying case with both grip trucks and indie filmmakers in mind. Composed of ABS honeycomb walls that support over a hundred kilograms of weight. A slash cover bottom part of the bag is also a great detail although no one will want even a tiny scratch on its surface :).
In conclusion, there is no doubt that this fantastic upgrade of the C300D will directly improve the workflow of the creative minds in the filmmaking industry. Sometimes it is so hard to believe that such versatility comes with an extremely affordable price point. It became possible thanks to the innovative minds at Aputure.

Author:  Yiğit Şener